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    What is Innovative X?


    Innovative X is a small group of  ideators, inventors , makers, manufacturers and others that create online tools and resources  to help everyday people make their ideas  a reality. We don't have all the answers, but through our own mistakes as well as those we have observed from working with other ideators for years,  we've come to learn  what to do and what to avoid. Our members have all kinds of ideas; most of the time, they're consumer products or services, but also include  movies scripts, art, songs, digital products, processes, improvements to existing ideas, etc.  Our hope is to become a one stop shop for anyone with an idea!


    How does Innovative X make money?


    Innovative X offers many products and services that are free, or free on a trial basis, but  charges members a recurring monthly subscription fee  and a la carte pricing for certain  products and services. All  costs are prominently displayed and will not be charged without your knowledge and/or consent. Additional revenues may be generated from strategic or affiliate partnerships as well as advertising. For questions about our terms and conditions, CLICK HERE.


    Will Innovative X develop my idea for me?


    No!  Innovative X puts the power to develop your idea into YOUR hands. This gives YOU full control over costs, profit, intellectual property rights and enables you to do it at a pace that fits your life and schedule.  We are not one of those inventor companies  that will produce a worthless industry marketing analysis for $10,000!


    How does Innovative X avoid conflicts of interest?


    The intention of Innovative X is to always remain in the intersection where products and services meet the needs of those trying to develop their ideas.  We strive to never favor one service provider over another by always providing multiple options from which to choose.  All of our products and services are self-driven by you, so we do our best to educate you about the risks along the way.


    Why does Innovative X focus on helping everyday people with their ideas?


    Everyday people work, have jobs, go to school full time, need to take care of their families, and pay their bills.  As a demographic, they have been greatly neglected in favor of those who are in a position to totally focus on the development of their idea and risk everything since they really don't have much to lose.  There's nothing wrong with that, but everyday people can't afford to take these kinds of risk or dedicate that kind of time .  It doesn't make them  any less dedicated or degrade the quality of their ideas. The products and services offered by Innovative X are all self-paced,  enabling anyone to use them  at their convenience.  They are also presented with the intention of minimizing risk whenever possible.



    What can you tell me about the idea development process used in IDEA ESSENTIALS?


    The IDEA ESSENTIALS process was initially based on the commonalities found in over a dozen of the leading idea development methodologies including Stage Gate, Lean Startup, Human Centered Design, Design Thinking, TRIZ, and many others, and then combined with the observations made over the past several years. The system evolved from there (and continues to evolve) based on feedback received from users.


    Is it true that IDEA ESSENTIALS will work for any idea?


    Yes! Despite the fact that all ideas are unique in some way, they must all follow certain steps and complete them in a specific order. IDEA ESSENTIALS is general enough to enable users to execute the steps in a way that is applicable to their idea, yet specific enough to provide the right guidance at the right time.


    How long will it take me to complete the entire IDEA ESSENTIALS process?


    The answer is largely dependent on the amount of time and focus invested by the ideator. Most ideas will take a minimum of 3-6 months to take an idea from from concept to full commercialization. Others can take years. The important thing is not to focus on time; instead make every effort to follow the steps!


    Why is validation so important?


    IDEA ESSENTIALS is based on the premise of successful idea development while minimizing risk. Validation plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. Validation also helps ideators to focus only on those ideas that prove themselves, thereby avoiding many ideas that may not be ideal at the time.


    How much does IDEA ESSENTIALS cost and what does it include?


    Recurring monthly memberships cost $19.99 per month. The IDEA ESSENTIALS process is divided into 5 phases. Non-members (guests) may only access the first phase, but members may proceed through the entire process. Members are also able to work with up to three ideas instead of being limited to just one, attend Innovative X Idea Breakout Sessions at no additional cost, and take advantage of exclusive specials and promotions.

    How does IDEA ESSENTIALS minimize risk?


    Risk increases with every dollar, minute and ounce of energy invested into an idea. Often, people will invest these valuable resources  before an idea has proven it's worthy to receive them.  IDEA ESSENTIALS provides a step by step process that seeks to minimize risk  by ensuring the idea is first validated in the most cost effective manner. Only validated ideas are allowed to proceed to the other parts of the process such as protection, commercialization and funding.


  • Privacy and Protection of Ideas

    Who can see the idea(s) I am developing in IDEA ESSENTIALS?


    Within IDEA ESSENTIALSTM, no one can see specific information about your idea unless you share the information or authorize it to be released to a third party such as an investor.


    Is my profile or idea data ever shared or sold?


    Any information pertaining to you or your idea that is proprietary in any way is not shared or sold. Data that can be aggregated and counted may be  shared or sold at some time in the future. Examples of this type of information are the entity type you formed (corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) or the country in which you are developing your idea.  However, this data will never  be linked specifically to you or your idea in any way.


    Why would Innovative X consider sharing or selling data?


    Data can provide great insight into issues that have challenged Humankind throughout history. It is our hope that the data that we collect, aggregate, and count will help us to better understand how quality of life might be improved for people around the world, economies can be strengthened and new employment opportunities generated.  We also want to better understand why some ideas are successfully developed and most others are not. Currently, there are studies being conducted around the world and this kind of data would be very helpful in furthering those efforts.


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