As a product or service provider to the idea development industry, you probably find that connecting with the right customer at the right time is a never-ending challenge.


Innovative X can solve this problem through advertising opportunities available in IDEA ESSENTIALSTM, our online platform. IDEA ESSENTIALSTM is a tool that guides ideators through the idea development process from concept to market, to include how to build a business around the idea, scale up, and prepare for funding. As our members progress through the customized steps, they are presented with advertising and resources, both aimed at helping them complete the current step.


While advertising revenue is important to us, it's more important that our members have access to exactly what they need, when they need it. The advertising must be appropriate to the content matter of each step and so we have established an application process for potential advertisers.


By clicking the link below, you will be taken to an online advertising application form. You will be presented with several questions and the ability to select the topics you wish your ad to be associated with. When the form is completed and submitted, we will review it and if the product or service offered is indeed applicable to the topic, the application will be approved. If not, we will respond with suggested topics that would be a better fit.


Pricing is based on demand for each topic, therefore pricing will vary based on what topics you choose and when you submit your application.


To apply for advertising on IDEA ESSENTIALSTM please CLICK HERE. When we receive your application, we  will review it and reply to you with feedback and costs.


Additional advertising opportunities are available through our newsletters and other strategic partnerships. We are open to exploring all possibilities and working together to get your product or service in front of our members exactly when they need it.


Our members need your products and services to successfully commercialize their ideas. Together, we can help them transform their ideas into thriving businesses, empower communities and drive economies! CONTACT US





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